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Laurie’s reading helped me understand the challenges of my situation so well. Not only did she identify the outward forces at work, but also my shadow side where the real healing needs to take place. She also gave me important tools so I can move forward on my spiritual path and live my higher self each day. Thank you so much, Laurie.

- Lill (Livingston, Montana)

Thank you so much for the awesome reading! It really reaffirmed so many things for me, particularly how I get in my own way in regard to my professional movement and growth. It was all really spot on! I really liked the part in particular when you talked about my strengths also my weaknesses and how to harness these in more positive and productive ways.  And, it made me feel more inspired to take more initiative in directing my path.  Since my reading with you I applied for a promotion and spoke with a professional reference that advised me to apply for a higher paying position with her agency.  Both these are directly related to the clarity you provided to me in my reading.

- Connie (Portland, Oregon)

Just for the record, Laurie is awesome! Her readings are spot on and super intuitive. She is definitely gifted in her readings. I highly recommend her!

- Marla (Chicago, Illinois)


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