Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions can take place in person or remotely through phone or Skype. Although receiving a Healing Session in person is ideal, depending on the circumstances, quite often all that is really essential for addressing specific and relevant aspects of healing and growth can be provided through a remote session. A more detailed description of Healing Sessions is provided below.

Pricing Information for Healing Sessions:

Type of Session Duration Price
In person 1 hour $80 (Purchase Now)
In person (deposit only) 1 hour $40 (Purchase Now)
Remote (Skype/phone) 1 hour $80 (Purchase Now)
Remote (Skype/phone) ½ hour $50 (Purchase Now)


In order schedule an appointment, payment for Healing Sessions that will take place in person require a deposit that must be prepaid (see “Purchase Now” links above). Final payments will be due upon completion of your Healing Session. I accept personal checks and all major credit cards.

Remote Healing Sessions must be prepaid. Please click on the appropriate “Purchase Now” link above for the type of session you would like to schedule.

Please note that purchases are non-refundable. Once an appointment time has been agreed upon, if you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, you must contact me in writing at least 24 hours in advance of your Healing Session.

Additional Information about Healing Sessions

A typical client will come to me with a question or perhaps several questions that they have about something that is going on in their life. They might be stuck with a particular area or aspect of their life and need guidance. To a degree, the more information a client shares about the topic of concern, the more deeply and subtly I am able to feel and experience opportunities for growth and expansion.

I am then intuitively guided to select relevant cards from one or more decks of Tarot Cards, which then begin to reveal and affirm patterns and flows of energy that may be unconsciously moving through one’s life. The cards themselves can sometimes represent archetypes of major life issues and at other times the cards may point to simply day-to-day issues. Whatever truly needs examination in the moment becomes known through this process.

Very often I pull cards from multiple decks that can weave and magnify the unconscious patterns and flows of energy even more vividly. In addition to drawing from the unconscious wisdom communicated through the Tarot Cards, I am intuitively calling forth messages from your own personal spirit guides, loved ones, and Guardian Angels to assist you in the ways that you are needing in the moment.

I would like to clarify an important caveat about my Intuitive Healing practice. I do not do “psychic readings” that predict the future, because I find that to be very unhelpful – and unreliable, since the future is filled with unknown possibilities!

By contrast, there are often times where the process of analyzing Tarot Cards may provide insights that are revealing with regard to questions one may have about which direction to follow. And those insights very likely will have an important impact on one’s future. The point is that the healing process I facilitate is focused on changes that need to take place in present time – not what is going to happen in the future.

How to Get the Most from Your Healing Session

The most beneficial way to approach a Healing Session is when you are ready to be an active player in the process. Instead of waiting for life to just happen and then reacting to it over and over, you enter the safe, nurturing, and loving space I create as a sacred vortex, ready to go beyond self-judgment, excuses, and justifications. You enter a Healing Session ready to stretch, be vulnerable, and grow. You want control and balance and to be an active driver in your life, integrating and incorporating your lessons and gifts to make them work for you instead of against you.

I have come to accept that all the times I have screamed and cried out to God and experienced struggling, were all a part of my process. My near death experiences were all a part of my process. My own teenage children flipping me off, is all a part of the process.

I am committed to validate and assist you connecting your own dots and having your patterns make more sense, reflecting back to you what you and your Soul/Divine are working with you on in the moment, and offering tools to assist you in taking the next steps.

I may spend time moving energy inside and/or through your body. Since energy is not confined by time and space, this is something that I can even do during a remote session. This might involve sending and moving energy into parts of your body that are energetically blocked. The more receptive you are to growth and change, the more powerful and effective your transformative experience will be. The most important factor for a successful Healing Session is bringing a sincere desire to allow and empower healing and growing.

With my natural and innate intuitive empathic abilities, combined with my clairsentience and training in many different healing modalities, along with the many varied life experiences that have contributed to my growth, from my work as a professional artist, to using plants, herbs, and food to help cure myself from the ravages of a rare virus, food allergies, adrenal issues, and hormonal issues, to channeling and working with Angels, to studying universal truths with my Guru, I bring to the table so many different resources to help you with your specific healing needs.

I am eager to meet you and help you in any way that I can. Sometimes the healing process feels easy; and, at other times, depending on receptivity and resistance, it can be uncomfortable. Welcome it all! It’s all a part of the process…

To book your Healing Session now, contact Laurie.

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