Dear Laurie,

Thank you so much for the awesome reading!

It really reaffirmed so many things for me, particularly how I get in my own way in regard to my professional movement and growth.

It was all really spot on! I really liked the part in particular when you talked about my strengths also being my weaknesses and how to harness these in more positive and productive ways.  And, it made me feel more inspired to take more initiative in directing my path.  Since my reading with you I applied for a promotion and spoke with a professional reference that advised me to apply for a higher paying position with her agency.  Both these are directly related to the clarity you provided to me in my reading.

I found it easy to talk with you. Our conversation flowed quite easily and it was easy to follow.  I have so much gratitude for the reading you gave me, it truly was invaluable and meaningful for me.  This really helped me when I was feeling “stuck”.  I liked how you described the cards to me and the meaning of the card outside of the position as well as how the card had amplified meaning due to it’s position.  The way you broke it down for me was very helpful and essentially gave me a “visual” (helpful because I am highly visual person).


With gratitude,

Connie    Portland, Oregon