» Spiritual Process

Spiritual Process

Spiritual process

Bleeding and breathing

Stumbling and falling down

Again and again


Over and over

In different ways

Creating obstacles and illusions

With some things that are no things

Just to grow

And experience one self as an

Embodiment of love

Spun from love without

Lines of conditions of religion

Or color

Wide-open spaces of possibilities

Filled with wonder

That there is a place designed

Perfectly for our gifts where we

Are honored and celebrated

For our contributions

And energy

We are celebrated for our wide

Open hearts

We are cherished and received

By many as significant

And meaningful

Just for being ourselves

As that self that fits perfectly

In a weaving with other souls

Each perfecting one another

Without competing as better or

Less than

We rejoice each as an integral

Part of the composition that all

Is necessary

All is a gift

All has beauty

All has life force and energy

All is perfect

The Ultimate Namaste


L. Wynne Weber


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